Advice on expansion

Ok guys, I started my business in march of this year. I operate a small tile installation/remodeling company. I also have a fulltime job as a firefighter(1 day on 2 off).

Business has been steady for me, but I started with basically no money. I am fighting an uphill battle, then my work truck/ personal truck broke down and all the money I built up was gone. I had about 3k saved up.

So, I have jobs confirmed and lined up that I COULD be done sooner with employees, therefore increasing my cash flow. I also am running into issues with getting to clients in between being at job sites.

I am currently paying to be with HomeAdvisor and have to shut leads off because I cannot do all the work and all the estimates. I have been TRYING to keep up but the fact of the matter is I can't.

The worst part is my current cash flow issues obviously.

That being said, I am looking for options on when is the "right" time to start adding employees. Also what employee(s) would you guys be looking into first?


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