Client refusing to pay. Is it worth going to court?

Hey all. We just finished painting a house and the customer does not want to pay the remaining $2k. To make a long story short, the customer wanted to save money and not have the house sanded prior to paint. We discussed what the end product would look like (the house has been painted many many times, without being sanded prior so I was able to point at the house to show her what it would look like in the end but a different color) and the customer was content at the time. "We're putting lipstick on a pig" is what the husband said, so I assumed thy understood. Flash forward to the house being completely finished and now they have an issue with the "unlevelness" and are refusing to pay.

Is 2k worth it in small claims court? Will I need a lawyer? We also took $400 off the price and painted their shutters at no charge to help them out. We quoted for 2 coats but applied 3 coats with one color bc it just wasn't covering. Now that they are pulling this crap, can I add the work that we did for free on to the invoice? We had originally quoted for most of it, so they knew what they were getting. I'd hate to walk away from $2k but, man, we learned some really good lessons on this job.


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