Can I pull this off? Co-owner buyout scenario.

Here's a scenario, 1 owner sort of wants to do something else as we've been at this for a while. Business is going well. We have a couple of other owners who want to keep going. Buyout would be about 5M, we have net income of around 1.5M right now. SAAS company with revenues around 5M, no debt, gov funded stable industry, and 5+ year history, still growing at about 20%, 12M valuation. Looking to offer terms of 3M upfront – with 2 additional payments of 1M each at the year anniversary. So the question is, would any sort of bank, be willing to loan us 4M to payback over about a 7 year period @ something less than 10%? Is this a realistic ask, or am I just being crazy. I'd rather not sell the equity to a minority shareholder. Where should I start?


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