Looking for creative ideas for a handout to give at conferences/etc.

Hi guys,

Im not sure if im posting this in the right place. I am a cofounder of a decision making company that my dad and I just started a month or two ago. We just attended our first conference and took with us Hero cards (4×4), some brochures, our brand video, and a couple big posters with our brand..

However, I want to create something different. A lot of companies recently put their brand on fidget spinners as that was the new "thing" recently. Im wondering what I can do as a decision making company. Maybe a small mold of a brain with our brand? Im not really sure, but the goal is to give them something awesome or cool that would make us visible.

As for our product: We created a software that helps companies/people make better decisions. It aligns the decisions you make with the goals of your company/yourself by scoring each decision/project based on your strategic priorities and making it very simple to select the highest scoring projects.

Thanks for any and all help!


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