Selling to the government/public? please help!

I've been talking to many companies who sell to public entities lately and a few ideas for tools came up. I want to pick the most valuable one to develop. My goal is to learn from people who experienced this process which idea will be the most valuable. Please take a look at the following survey or list of ideas and provide any feedback you might have. I really appreciate it!

1.Forecasting – A platform that consolidates all the different agencies contract forecasts and contract renewals to help you stay ahead of the curve. Be the first to get notified.

  1. Insights – See bid insights around competition, pricing, risk, incumbent probability of winning, etc. Inform your strategy and pricing.

  2. Leads – Identify high quality qualified leads based on your business unique features and history.

  3. Contractor database – Simple to search all-inclusive contractor database with all the certifications, past performance, codes. Find the best qualified and certified subcontractors fast.

  4. Proposal generator – A tool to automate and streamline the steps of writing a winning proposal.

  5. Bid CRM – a tool tailored for government contractors to track, manage, get notified, and document all steps of assessing, competing for, and implementing a public contract.


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