Recommendations for an ERP system for an industrial distributor with light assembly work

Hello reddit,

I am a project manager at fluid power distributor. We are currently using an archaic ERP system, called DISC. DISC was created by a fluid power distributor in the 1980's and, it was so well liked, they packaged it and sold it to a software company. But DISC has run its course. Epicor currently owns DISC, but they barely put any support into it now. It is a legacy system. We pay a TON of money for support, and yet, whenever we need some sorta custom module, we end up paying out the ass for it. So i am looking for a new ERP system to probably roll out in 2018. We need it to do the following:

Matrix pricing (quantity-based discount schedules, OEM vs User, etc)

Create Bill of Materials for our assembly jobs

Integrate with UPS Worldship

Integrate with e-commerce

We recently had a salesman drop off a brochure for Inform ERP, which is from DDI Systems. Seems like a good ERP system, but I am unfamiliar with it. Any suggestions, or reviews of Inform, would be greatly appreciated!!


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