what should i do (invoicing)

I got a problem. I'm a freelance handyman and I did work for someone and haven't billed for last year or this year. I didn't have a contract and there was a laundry list of things that needed doing. Things would get added with no documentation and I didn't keep good (any) records. I do remember all the work I did. Last year, when he invited me over so he could show me all the things he wanted done he said, I just don't want it costing thousands of dollars, which I said I could do. Some projects, took a lot longer than I thought (I usually bill by the hour), I am chalking that up to inexperience, I also did works that were not expressed as needing to be done. The customer is often away on business or vacationing, so I have been doing things I thought just needed to be done. When we met in the spring, I said something a long the lines of I would bill him but I didn't know exactly what yet, and he said "I know you'll treat me fairly", he has paid me whenever I ask for materials and some works are still not done, I feel like the longer I wait the more I do, the harder pill it is going to be for him to swallow no matter how low I make the bill. What should I do? My morality is kind of getting in the way……..


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