Starting an art center – criticize my plan

I am in the beginning phase of starting an art center. I'm hoping you guys can look at my preliminary plans here and let me know if I'm being realistic.

I'm going to rent a retail space where I'll host art classes of all kinds. Those wine and painting ones that are popular as well as kids classes on Saturdays and probably kids art camp type things in the summer. I am also going to have figure drawing, pastel painting, watercolor and maybe even photography. Basically I have tons of ideas for all kinds of classes.

I also want to teach pottery classes. Starting out I'll have the basic equipment and set up for the studio. I'll have students that take 8 week long courses with one class per week and open studio hours throughout the week. And I'll also have one off class nights that are just small projects.

The basic start up costs that I've come up with are these (I've hopefully overestimated enough to leave room for error)

1500 Rent deposit and fees

800 Art studio equipment (tables, chairs, easels, shelving, etc)

800 Art studio supplies (canvases, paints, brushes, etc)

1000 2 used kilns and kiln furniture,(I am confident on this price)

500 clay slab roller

500 starting inventory of clay

500 glaze chemicals

500 office stuff (desk, computer, printer, etc)

800 Marketing and advertising

300 accounting and legal

1500 – misc and stuff I forgot

Startup = 8700

Monthly costs

1200 rent

500 utilities

2500 my salary

800 part timer $10/hr

1200 studio tech 15/hr

50?? POS

500 specialty teachers @ $20/hr

200 class supplies budget

200 pottery supplies budget

50 accountant

100 liability insurance

500 loan repayment

500 misc and stuff I forgot

Monthly = 8300

So here's my estimate of what I'll have coming in each month

1200 – 150 from each 8 week pottery student (8 of them)

700 – 35 each for a one off pottery class from 10 students twice a month

1,920 – 20 each for kids Saturday classes (3 classes with 8 kids each)

2,400 – 30 each wine and painting nights 10 students twice a week

2,400 – 30 each other specialty art classes 10 students twice a week

800 – 25 each mom and kid art classes 8 students once a week

750 – 50 each pottery workshop with 15 people

Equals so far 10,170

Which is 1870 more than my monthly costs

So basically, does this look realistic as a budget and idea of what I'll make each month?

I know there will be fluctuation with class attendance and all of that…

Thank you!

Ps sorry I can't figure out how to format this on my phone so that it doesn't look terrible


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