What market to get into?

Hey reddit, I am stressed out and conflicted right now about having the desire to contribute to U.S society in terms of starting a business, however I do not know what market to get into to. I have heard of getting into the app market but I've done some research, even had some ideas only to find something similar has been made, plus the fact that the app market is already heavily saturated does not seem like the market to get into. My next option was to develop a website, where I am mainly looking into IT services, maybe a gaming site etc.. however it always comes back to the fact that there is just so much things out there as each day passes it gets harder and harder to develop a SUCCESSFUL product or service that will distinguish me from the crowd. I just feel really overwhelmed right now as I view it as my duty to contribute, yet cannot because of the competition/failure of losing money. So what should I do? I recently graduated school with an electrical degree and have a full time job as an analyst, plus I have programming experience so I am kinda of a tech nerd.

Seriously tho I feel miserable right now about just being stuck and not knowning what decision is correct, nor which direction I should head into to start my side business. An I am p sure I am not the only one.


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