Yelp marked my business as “Closed” when I blocked their spammy sales calls

I'm extremely frustrated right now. I was just doing some back link research on my business when I realized that my Yelp link in Google was marked as "closed".

At first I thought it was possibly a competitor trying to do a little sabotage, but then I realized that the timing of my business supposedly being reported by "yelpers" as closed (according to the notice on my Yelp business page), correlates to the fact that I just blocked Yelp so I wouldn't get their daily pushy sales calls.

I downloaded an app called TrapCall which allows me to "blacklist" a phone number, so the next time that phone number calls, they essentially get a message that the number has been disconnected.

Instead of contacting me via their app or my business email to verify that my business was closed, they took it upon themselves to mark it as closed and make it sound like consumers marked it as closed with this notice: "Yelpers report this location has closed"at the top of my Yelp business page. Has anyone run into this before? Because Yelp themselves can no longer contact me to push their sales upon me, they mark me as closed? That's some crap.


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