Advice on making deals with someone whose first language is not your own?

I am looking to expand my farm and butcher business into a quick service restaurant concept who also produces and cures sausages under USDA inspection. I am currently in an agricultural zone which prohibits me from having any On Site Dining. I have found a property near-by whose location and pre-existing construction is perfect for what I want to do. It is also a high traffic area and has 6 acres for the business to grow into and eventually expand into a full service restaurant and biertgarten with entertainment.

Now that I've explained why I think the location and business model will work well I have encountered a problem that I am unsure how to overcome. I had a couple meetings with the owner who is selling the property and his first language is Vietnamese and whose English is difficult to understand. I suspect that is why such an ideal location has not been purchased in the past few years it has been for sale as he expressed to me that he started a more lucrative business closer to his house and it was no longer worth it to continue both and shifted his focus on his other venture and has put the property up for sale himself– it seems like he is motivated to sell but doesn't NEED to sell which is maybe why he hasn't used a real estate company. He even offered to finance it to me with bubble and I have a couple investors interested in my pitch deck.

Now the second issue I am having is my previous food service and business experiences have been in a metropolitan area that I was familiar with where business were leased as opposed to purchased; I just moved here almost two years ago. I am seeking advice on how to find out more information about purchasing property from someone who is difficult to communicate with as well as making sure there aren't any township issues that have been deterring others from purchasing the property. There are several other food service establishments with liquor licenses so I don't see any glaring difficulties with local authorities but have never had to comb through the details and am unsure on how to approach this research and communication bridge.

I would appreciate any advice you may have for a young entrepreneur looking to take the next step in his career.


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