My company wants to sell me a newly purchased coffee shop they bought in a acquisition of a restaurant group…need guidance.

TLDR: Company wants to sell me a currently closed coffee shop and while i have researched small businesses for sale in the past…I'm not sure where to start or what to ask.

Cross-posted in r/entrepreneur for multiple styles of feedback. So, I work for a large family owned restaurant group on the east coast. I am a General Manager for one of the busiest locations.

My company purchased another restaurant group due to that owner dying. Included with that deal was some real estate, 3 restaurants and a coffee shop.

The coffee shop was closed for "renovations" a couple years ago and the owner had health problems. They had announced upwards of a year ago the intent to reopen soon. That never happened as the owner passed away a few months later.

My company doesn't seem to have interest in running the coffee shop and they know i have wanted to run my own business for a few years now. I have come close once before with a better burger franchise that was already running but the franchise was not being run well and ultimately i decided to not purchase.

I was recommended to "buy" the shop by a co-worker of mine based on my comments of always wanting a small cafe type business. This co-worker was at a retreat with higher ups and the topic came up. It is not widely discussed among our company.

My owner reached out to see if i was in-fact interested and we have a meeting set at 12 on Tuesday to talk about it more.

Questions I'm planning on asking:

  1. Why dont you run it yourself?
  2. What is the value of this property/business based on your aqusition of the whole company purchased?
  3. Would i buy the building or is renting an option?
  4. This coffee shop is connected to one of the 3 new restaurants they are running so i know they are looking to "share" a kitchen…what would that look like?
  5. Who else have you talked to about opening up here and what did they say?
  6. What questions would you be asking if the tables were turned?

Financially, I am well off for my age. I am 30 yrs old, single but planning to get engaged soon. I have 180k net work, mostly in index funds, 40k in cash.

Appreciate you reading this far. Any advice, feedback or questions are welcomed!


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