Private labelling reality – Question for those that created your own brand

I'm in the process of going live with my food product(powders) and as I'm getting closer to opening up my website, I'm trying to visualize what the reality of having my own private label/brand means. I've worked with a designer on my labels, sourced packaging, sourced the product I liked, etc.

I'm thinking, as I get my supplies in, I imagine I'd open a big bag of my product and start scooping the ingredients into my packaging. Weigh them out, seal them up, and store it to the side until I receive orders. Can anyone else with this type of experience chime in? I'm a one-man operation and I love being involved in every step. I can see how others send their labels to their supplier and just receive ready-to-sell products as well.

How many of you did it all yourself? Was it pretty consuming? Fun? I work full-time and concerned I won't be able to properly juggle being elbow deep in work and maintaining on the real job front. Would love if anyone could share their experience or anything at all really. Thanks all! 🙂

Attention Restaurant Owners!

I am writing an article in regards to your experiences with POS systems. If anyone would like to fill out the following questionnaire, it would be greatly appreciated! There are 10 questions total. Please be aware that your answers, including your name and business name, will be used in a public article.

I am also available for phone interviews if answering a survey isn't your style!

Thanks in advance!

Market research for ping-pong lounge?

Trying to gather insight into the demand for a ping-pong lounge by another method other than surveys. Business model is offering a casual ping-pong atmosphere (about $10/h to rent a table) along side drinks (alcohol) and finger food. Something smaller scale with around 6 tables in total. Difficulty is that ping-pong requires a lot of space to set-up multiple tables, so to determine the interest in a market, it would be hard to do something like a "pop-up shop". Any suggestions regarding how to test if this business model would be favourable in a market?

Advice for selling a retail food item locally

I run a small local food company (meal prep) and we are exploring the idea of selling some snack items on a retail level. How do you go about from selling small batches to your own customers to selling wholesale retail amounts to other stores? I have read about using food brokers? But is there anything I should be aware of before getting into that or is there a certain amount of sales volume I need before making that next step. Thanks for any advice out there.