Do any of you business owners still use the traditional way of marketing?

Do any of you business owners still use news paper ads, commercials, flyers, billboards, business cards, radio ads, door knocking etc.. to promote your business and how is that working for you?


Am I being ripped off by a General Contractor?

I need to add some additional space onto my current office because we are getting a bit too big for our breaches. I am currently leasing space from an office building, and they have a 550 sqft room next to my office that I am trying to build into.

General contractor gave me a quote for $29,000. Which is fine and agreed upon. I was just hit by some news however that they need to have a fire alarm vendor come out and make sure the new space is up to code, and JUST them coming to look at it (a fire system engineer) will cost an additional $4,000. Even if everything is fine, it will cost $4,000. Is this normal?

Portable toilet hire? any experience with this

I'm looking into portable toilet hire as a side business to our existing and profitable cleaning company. I've been doing quite a bit of research and have done some forecasting, finance planning, product and pricing research etc. and I'm convinced this could be a profitable business.

I'm based in the UK and have been snooping at other local business, looked at their public accounts and like what I see.

We have a spare vehicle that we could utilise and are happy to start small, about 50 units (probably used toilets) and a single waste vacuum, my plan would be to increase this to 200 unit over 3 years.

Any experience in the field and can you give any advice? Cheers

Starting my own business LLC which will eventually have 3 DBAs under the LLC and have a few questions

I am eventually going to have 3 business. And I want them umbrellaed under my LLC. The reason for this is that they are all in the same field but each aspect needs different requirements and certifications. And I want to keep close tabs on each aspect.

I have already created my LLC and my first DBA. As money comes in and I get my certificates, the other DBAs will come in to play. When I set up my bank account, do I:

  1. Have one account with all 3 DBA's linked to the one account
  2. Set up the LLC an account and then 3 accounts, 1 for each account
  3. Or just 3 individual DBA bank accounts

And when I pay myself, do I pay myself as an employee with a paycheck or do I just pull money out to pay me?

Finally, do my DBA's have to send money up to the LLC for tax reasons or can it remain zero balance?

Social Media is my nemesis


New here, but been running my music teachering out of a physical location under a new trading name (Prelude School of Music) for just over 2 years.

I use a lot of internet advertising which hasn't done me badly at all – but I could so totally do better. I really want to get a regular youtube thing going, and everybody screams Instagram at me, but I am totally lost for content!

I also suffer with depression and anxiety problems so I am constantly second guessing myself, which is a huge hurdle with self-employment in general, never mind the constant thought that everything I create is being judged as crap.

I literally need someone to go through this with me like I'm 5. Any advice appreciated!

Website help for travel business

Just starting up my LLC. We will be selling tour packages for overseas exclusively online for individuals and groups (no flights). The process would be as follows:

  1. Customer selects desired package and date of arrival
  2. Customer provides required info and makes payment
  3. Customer receives confirmation and itinerary
  4. Company gets customer itinerary forwarded to tour guides

I'd like to know if it's worth it to go with something like Squarespace (heard too many Wix horror stories), use a builder like Divi/Beaver, or just have a professional build a WordPress site. I'm pretty knowledgeable with tech but I'm worried that it'll take too much time if I do it myself or that I'll mess something up without realizing it. Some important things are:

  • minimize recurring costs
  • automation
  • able to self-manage/expand the site after it's built
  • integration with payment systems/calendar
  • no downtime or finicky nonsense
  • multilingual

    When trying to find out a ballpark number for the cost of a professional build, I was told anywhere between $1,500 to $30,000. That's a pretty big range. So I'd like to get some insight on what the best option would be for this specific type of business. Thanks.