Payroll through CPA vs Gusto

I have heard great things about Gusto, and plan to use it after I start hiring. Until then, it's just me and my CPA offers a payroll service for only $20 a month. My benefits are covered through my spouse and until I have employees I don't really need any HR services. Company is launching next month, any reason to not just start with my CPA first and then move to Gusto later on?


I am giving 30-60 min for FREE everyday for a month for anybody who need help in the following

  • photoshop
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  • easy video editing
  • online marketing
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  • outsourcing
  • tips on travelling in Switzerland and Europe
  • productivity
  • configuring wordpress websites
  • german language
  • and other internet skills (just ask)

For real. Just inspired by GaryVee, so want to give give give to the community. Have to limit it to 30-60min everyday due to normal human reasons. Gonna try for a month, but would love to do longer. Just shoot a reply/message and I'll see what I can do. This is real, i don't want anything in return, just some positive vibes and a thank-you would be nice 🙂

[NJ] Client has been prolonging unfinished job for over a year. How to request payment?

I have a web design client that hired me to build a website for his business in September 2016. He was very into the project, signed a contract for $5,000 and gave me a $2,500 deposit on the spot.

I immediately built the site and waited for all content/images/forms/etc. to be supplied by him as we agreed upon. In the beginning he was pretty involved and got me about 30% of the content that was needed, then he just disappeared.

I would regularly reach out to him and get the same run around of how busy he was and how he was going to get someone to take care of the content for me.

We touch base about every 6 weeks, he sits down and writes me one page of content then disappears again. This has been going on for a year now. We last spoke 2 months ago when we got together to supposedly "finalize" everything – I havent received anything since then as usual and this is where we stand.

95% of the work that I was hired to do was completed in the first month of the project. I've been waiting around for a year for this guy to get his stuff together in order to "launch" and get paid the balance. Granted I should have been a little more proactive with this, but he a friend of my parents and I figured I had nothing to worry about. I dont have any doubt that once this is finally completed that he will pay the bill but Im just dont want to wait another year for that since most of my work is done.

In other cases like that I have the leverage because I control the website but this one was never made live so hes not getting anything out of it.

I'd just like to know the best way to approach this and get paid the balance while stating that I'm willing to complete my end of the work once he's ready.

Any cabinetmakers here?

I’m strongly considering taking my hobby to the next level by opening a cabinet shop. I’m well connected to many leading architecture firms and interior designers that have assured me that they will funnel all the work that I can handle my way. The focus will be on high-end custom cabinetry with specialty finishes in remodeled homes. I would appreciate any current or former cabinet shop owner input as to pitfalls or things to avoid. Thanks, in advance, for your knowledge.

Crowd Funding for Adult Industry

Happy Hump Day!

We're getting set-up for a round of friends and family funding for our profitable and growing company but have run into a few roadblocks due to the NSFW nature of our company.

I've read that Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have lifted restrictions for certain adult-oriented products but am having difficulty finding exactly what the current rules are for this. There doesn't seem to be a way to directly contact them via phone for clarification, so any experience or relevant resources you Redditers can share would be appreciated!

I've been coming across a lot of buzz about AdultXFunding but they seem pretty fresh, but maybe this could be a good thing since we are an already profitable, USA made, high-end toy with a vertical market in content (thought is that their recent heavy media coverage could trickle down to projects they host)?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts! xo Marissa

Small business owners — would this approach work on you?

Hello small business owners of Reddit!

First off, this is not a self-promotion–I'm trying to do some market research about small business owners in my community and would really appreciate your opinion.

I'm a recently laid-off communications and marketing professional who's always wanted to work for myself, so I decided recently to launch a business offering communications and marketing help to local small business owners. I recently attended a small business seminar, where the instructor shared an interesting marketing idea and I'm curious to know how you'd recieve this.

Her idea was to contact potential clients and ask them to answer some survey questions. Not only would this effort generate some really useful market research, but it would also act as a way to introduce yourself to potential clients.

So, my question for you is, as a small business owner, if someone doing the kind of thing I'd like to do in your area emailed you with a link to a short Survey Monkey survey and asked you to provide your opinion, would you do it? Would you be annoyed that this person thinks you have enough time in your busy day to complete such a task for free or would you appreciate that they valued your opinion enough to ask?

What are your thoughts on a survey vs. just getting an email that straight-up says this is what I do and I'd like to offer my help?

Any thoughts on the best way a freelance writer/marketer could reach out to you are much appreciated!