Looking for ideas to help sales

Hey everyone!

I recently purchased an ice vending machine and placed it in my small town. The town is small (around 1,000 population) but the road going through town has an average of 8,000 cars per day. It is also a 35mph speed limit. The town has a gas station and a Dollar General.

I placed my ice vending machine at the car wash in town. I have a sign out towards the road advertising bagged ice. So far, business is good but business isn't booming. The machine has only been in place for 3 months but i'm trying to come up with some ways to help boost sales. I can't seem to come up with anything exciting to get more sales. It's super convenient and most of my customers are repeating (sales reports show this).

Any ideas on what I could do to boost sales?


Anyone Own Self-Storage?

Curious to how long it took anyone here who owns self-storage to reach a capacity where they were profitable?

I am interested in getting into this industry and the final piece to my analytics is knowing how long I can expect to reach around 75% capacity with a climate-controlled self-storage business in a major city (over 2 million people and growing).

Any input is greatly appreciated!

About to launch my online business, any last minute advice?

So, many years ago my mother had a market stall in London, she sold bath products (like soap, bath bombs etc) from a small local wholesaler that isn't widely known at all. I think their products are mostly sold in craft fairs and the like, but they have practically no sellers online. In fact I had a hard time finding any of the products online, and the one site I did find looked dreadful, like it was made in the 90s and full of broken links. They sold an array of products which included a few of the soaps but not all. Yet the products are good, they smell great and look beautiful, they're all handmade artisanal soaps with ingredients that are tailored to skincare and different skin conditions.

My mother did quite well with this, she could make about £150 from an 8 hour day with a selling price of around £5/£6 for each slice of soap.

I currently have a full time job that pays well, but was looking for something to do on the side so that I could eventually quit my job in a few years to pursue my other passions but still have money coming in.

So I had a mini brain wave and thought about bringing this business model back, but instead of selling on a market stall I'd try and reach a wider audience online. I've invested a couple hundred and now have boxes full of products with packaging ready to go, I've created a website through Shopify and had an accountant friend run through things like costings and margins with me. The effort of getting the products ready is minimal, just cutting the soap and boxing up, shipping out whenever I get a sale. So I don't imagine it will be highly intense.

I'm ready to press the button to make the site go live, but before I do I’d like to ask for any advice, any glaring errors that I could maybe not have thought of, and any pitfalls or trappings I could fall into here! I've never had a business before so don't want to go in blind, I've done a lot of research, but want to ask those with experience too. Any help would be appreciated especially on the marketing front, as although the site is ready to go and the products are good, I'm unsure how to reach my audience!

(As an aside, I would like to add that I'm not looking to be a millionaire here, just to have enough coming in to sustain the business and myself, I'm aiming for a profit of hopefully £2k a month which I know I'll have to build up to. My accountant has specified that selling just over 100 products a week would get me there including paying for overheads and restocking, the cost of which is minimal. So any advice that could help me reach this goal would be amazing!)