Small bookkeeping business? Sport from r/bookkeeping.

Hello all,

I have been doing AR/AP and other various duties at my fulltime job for 5 years and someone mentioned to me that I should go on my own and I am trying to see if it's viable. I don't have a degree just some college and an entry level accounting cert.

Is it possible to go at this on the side and eventually get enough clients to sustain my family?

Do you incorporate? Insurance? QBO or desktop ( I'm thinking desktop) Additional certifications? Hourly rate or monthly? How much? What services to offer

Basically where do I start? I have been networking letting some people know I'm branching out. Thank you all.


Terminating our first employee today and am worried they will lash out immediately

We have an employee that is absolutely terrible on every level. Over several months we've realized they are not as kind and passionate as they lead on to be. They are very aggressive with seemingly mental issues. I've no phD but please understand where I'm coming from. I am very concerned this [female] employee will lash out verbally during her termination today. Possibly make a scene. This wouldn't be as concerning if we had our own office. But we don't. We work at the client site M-F 8-5. We're waiting until 5 to do this when most are gone. But if she lashes out and starts trying to break things or something outrageous like this, what am I allowed to do? We don't have security or anything of the such. Am I allowed to force her out if she does this? Or should I play it safe and call the police?

Owner Attendance

I own a small business that is doing well. We have 10 employees. I pay above the industry standard and give time off almost every time an employee asks for it. I have designed the business so that it almost completely runs with out me. Even though I own the business and have taken all the risk I feel bad if I take a day off or leave early. I am afraid that my employees will feel resentful that I’m not there. Should I feel this way?

PBLinked Photo Competition – 100% Free

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Cryptocurrency consultant for the non tech-savvy?

This is more of putting feelers out if other people are doing this or have looked into this.

I am by no means an expert in the financial sector, but I know a fair bit about cryptocurrency and think there is a huge untapped market for consultancy offline.

If someone were to do this in person, what kind of licenses would be required? What if it were only an online sort of business?

At this point, I'm just really curious and can't quite find much on the subject online.

Thank you!