Creating LLC, paperwork

I need to create an LLC for the (small) amount of side work I do. I am the only person involved and that doesn't look like it will ever change although stranger things have happened I suppose. I am married if that is significant, which is probably the main reason I'd like to have an LLC. I am in the state of Maine, which from my limited searching, sounds significant here as I guess the state is complicated in this regard.

I am not 100% clear on the role of a Commercial Registered Agent vs Noncommercial Registered Agent.

  1. It sounds like this is basically just a person that is willing to accept legal documents in the event there is a problem (like I get sued for example). Is this correct? Is there anything else this person is responsible for? Why must I designate a person to do this?

  2. It appears as though a Commercial Registered Agent will incur a yearly fee that is significant for what I do (again, small amount of side work, not making tons of money off this). I think creating an LLC is much more for legal protection in my case than it is for the sake of "being a business". I've seen a few mentions online about listing myself as a Noncommercial Registered Agent. Is this something that would make sense here?

  3. What exactly is the difference between a CRA and NRA? Does it have to do with the type of business, or the type of agent?

  4. In the event I am served with some sort of legal document, it would be then that I could obtain a lawyer if needed regardless of a CRA or NRA correct? Am I bound to the CRA in any way to use them (most of the CRA's in the area appear to be lawyers or connected to law firms). A CRA must have a physical location in the state of Maine.

  5. Is there anything else here that I probably don't know that I should? My common sense says I should be able to list myself, and in the event I'm sued or whatever, I can seek a lawyer at that time.

Unrelated to the CRA/NRA thing… is the Operating Agreement. Everything I've read about these makes it sound like it's primarily to define and outline ownership and responsibilities between multiple owners. If I'm by myself does it make sense to skip this? It's not required in Maine. If in the unlikely event another person enters the picture, is there any problem creating this later when/if that happens?

Thanks for any insight.


I have a last minute potential trademark issue and now need to re-label about 2,500 boxes/bags. I could really use advice or suggestions. How should I approach this?

tldr: Made a mistake and have to re-label a lot of stuff. Now weighing whether to put label over top of old, or leave as is and either redirect the web traffic or cross out the URL with black ink or something.

I made a mistake that I would like to share and I am hoping for advice/opinions. I tried to do my own trademark search and failed to realize that crazy word misspellings are still considered identical terms in the eyes of common law. For example if a jewelry company is called Froott, you can't really name your company Fruit.

I labeled everything and just before launch, learned that I might have a potential issue down the road with my company name and another similar mark that is owned by a very sue-happy medium sized business.

Now I'm left with the task of re-labeling about 2,500 individual items. They are thermal-printed labels (like address labels) on inner packaging, cheap to replace.. but hard to peel off after they've been applied. Running the hair dryer on them kind of works, but it is extremely time consuming.

We are considering just slapping a new label on top, but are concerned with how customers might perceive possibly seeing a slip of the old label underneath. Any suggestions on how to handle this efficiently and professionally? i.e. what would you do?

Hey guys and gals, young lad needing advice looking for a supplier…

Its my first attempt at selling goods online and im looking for a supplier/tailor to make bags from scratch, i already have the design made (and have one prototype made which im happy with but its cost alot to be made). I have had a look online but just wondering if anyone can reccommend a reliable supplier or whats the best way of finding a decent supplier with decent quality.

Also any other tips (like usual minimum quantity/ options for dropshipping aswell) is greatly appreciated.


How to market a new online manga and novel translation platform?

My website is online now, does anyone can give me some suggestions of marketing or suggestions of this website? It's called NOWDO, here is the link This is an online manga and novel translation platform, you can upload your original contents or do translation here, of course you can read many manga and novels in different languages. We will add crowd funding translation in the future, then the translators will get more payment, though they can redeem for gift cards now, I want to make this website more attractive and have more users, my Discord is, thanks!

We need to turn our small business around. Fast. Hoping for constructive criticism and tough love.

I've been operating a small business online for just over 10 years with my partner.

We make a niche fashion product – lets say leather bags – and have manufactured in house for 10 years. We have a following of nearly 300k across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We employ 2 staff full time, and 2 casual to help us manufacture and ship everything. At the moment our wait time for orders is 2-4 weeks. We also have around 10 retailers worldwide.

We started with literally nothing. For the past few years we have turned over around 500k in sales a year.

Neither of us have any business experience, just passion, determination, and stubbornness.

We seem to have come along at just the right time to ride the social media boom. But the algorithms have put everything to a grinding halt. We don't get anywhere near the website traffic we used to. Competitors are stealing our designs. The market has become diluted.

For the past few years we have been WAY overpaying for our supplies. Our monthly supplies bill used to be around $5000, now thanks to a new connection that is going to now be around $500 a month. No compromise on quality. We just cut out the middle man.

We are in debt. Our sales have slowed and we struggle to make enough to pay the wages each week.

I've taken it upon myself to learn photography (which I love and is a great compliment to my design) to save money, and I also taught myself SEO – which Shopify makes a relatively easy job of.

I know our product is GREAT – but we have gotten ourselves in a bit of a do or die situation, and really need to turn the core of our business around fast.

This is really the tip of the iceberg, and I am absolutely determined to make this work. I love what I do, I love our brand, and I know all I need is to see things from a different perspective. I am hoping you guys can help.